Friederike von Rohden

Naturopath Nat Dipl
Reiki III, Dipl.Inf. (FH)

Member of
NMHNZ Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of NZ
NZAMH NZ Association of Medical Herbalists

*Southern Cross Health Insurance members may be able to claim consultation fees.

Tele-Consultations are available by phone, Zoom, Skype, or Teams conference apps.

Recovering from an acute or chronic disease or simply changing your lifestyle can be a journey of personal discovery. Embarking on this journey by yourself is hard; doing it alone is even harder. Friederike is devoted to teaching, helping and guiding you on your journey by using naturopathic principles to help improve your health and well-being, your energy levels and vitality.

Friederike is committed and dedicated to practice to the satisfaction and well-being of her clients and to adhere to the ethical standards of the Natural Health Practitioners of NZ and NZ Society of Naturopaths. All information given to her will be kept strictly confidential.